The Quiet Storm

Self-taught artist Alicia M. Walter, was born and raised in Springfield, Mass and is the mastermind of Art by AmW (formerly known as Estetika Exposure: Art by AmW).

For 13 years the artist resided in upstate New York where a majority of her works were created before returning to her hometown in Massachusetts.
From original pieces of art on a variety of surfaces, to author, to actress, Alicia hasn’t slowed down since the induction of her business in 2011 and is creating a buzz globally with her craft..

Through the support of her husband, family, and close network of friends; Alicia has been able to use her art to inspire, motivate, heal and reach as far as parts of Japan, Australia, Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom to name a few.

Among creating visual pieces on canvas, Alicia creates paintings on apparel, jewelry and accessories, as well as drink ware and ceramic plates. In addition to this, the artist has also explored in the art of poetry and writing.

Alicia has also dabbled in the art of acting as a cast member on the award-winning urban action science-fiction web series, Body Jumpers & Body Jumpers: Resurrection.

In the summer of 2014, Alicia authored, illustrated and self-published her very first children’s coloring/activity book entitled, Naturally Me: Olivia Brown and her Coily Crew, available on all major online bookstores. The goal of this one-of-a-kind children’s book is to educate, teach self-love, kindness to others and so much more. Alicia wanted to find a way to use her art, to give back to the next generations. With 5 star reviews on Amazon and other major online book stores, Alicia is off to a great start!

To learn more about Alicia Walter visit www.artbyamw.com or connect with her on all social media @artbyamw

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