Looking in the Mirror

Every emotion sparks creativity for me. But I seem to be most creative when I have an attitude. Not just any attitude, but the Walter attitude. lol. I'm also creative when I'm angry or in deep thought.  Hmmmm interesting. Why do you care? Welp, you don't have to but I'm sharing dang on it. GOOD MORNING!!! :)




These past few months I've made many observations about myself as an artist. Like my creative process and the way I work.
I guess what sparked these observations was my reflecting on questions of the past. Just thinking about past interviews and really putting more thought into them now. When simple questions were asked such as, "What inspires you" my response was appropriate at the time. But then I thought to myself, well what does inspire me?
 I paint from my heart and whatever lies within it. There may be a particular song that I'm listening to that peaks creativity and it could be non-related to the words or mood of the song. It's weird, I know. But I'm okay with that. :)
Like when I'm feeling a bit sassy, or have an attitude, upset, or really angry about something...those moods don't necessary reflect what is on canvas. If I'm having a dark day, you won't see dark colors.
I paint the opposite of what I'm feeling because that's what I long for I suppose. This doesn't happen in every case, just some. I don't want you looking through my portfolio seeing how bright things are and thinking, hmmm she's an angry individual. lol That's not the case at all. I'm a very peaceful, humble person. Everyone has their moments. lol
This journey has been simply amazing and I look forward to where God is going to take me. Around 2011 I claimed victory mine. I didn't know what that meant or how I would achieve it, but I felt it in my spirit and I claimed it.
Just watching how this is all happening, I'm living in that victory and loving it. Feeling blessed and thankful for everyone that has supported me near and far.

Claim your victory. It's yours for the taking.
Believe in yourself first, others will follow.
You are only as successful as you allow yourself to be!

Have a blessed and productive day.

Estetika Exposure: Art by AmW