Discovery of Self

Each day is a discovery of self. Focusing on yourself can be a bit difficult at times. Too often we find ourselves focusing on the needs and desires of others, putting our best interests on the back burner.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't help others, but we also need to help ourselves. As the saying goes, we have to start with love for ourselves before we can love others. Love yourself enough to help yourself!

We allow people to be a distraction and we also allow ourselves to be a distraction. We may not see ourselves as a distraction, but at times we can be! We have to stop doing that and setting ourselves up for failure. I say WE because I include myself in this. There is no better time like the present for change.

Get your calculators out because its time to do some math. It's time to do some subtraction and remove people from your life that try and hold you back. Do not give them the satisfaction. It's time to do some addition to your process so that it will equal a greater amount in the quality of your life. Sounds like a good  equation to me.