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Coming to you soon, I present Cover Me Fly Lip shades by Estetika Exposure!

Many of times I've heard about the dangerous chemicals being put into beauty products that we use on a daily basis. I've signed petitions online in efforts to support healthy cosmetics. 

Recently I read reports about findings of lead in some lipsticks. According to Mother Jones website, there has also been traces of aluminum and heavy metals in lipstick. Sounds sexy doesn't? No, not really. This prompted me to look into how to make my own lipstick. A simple, safe, non-toxic, lead-free formula in vibrant colors. Color shades will be revealed this summer so be on the look out!

Resourceful sites: 

 The Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Act of 2013

If you like to check out the safety of your beauty products, visit 

Cover Me Fly Lipshades by Estetika Exposure

Cover Me Fly Lipshades by Estetika Exposure