Julyfest Binghamton 2013

During the weekend of July 12, 13, and 14th, thousands of people attended the 51st annual Julyfest in Binghamton, New York.

Artist, Musician, Crafters, and Food Vendors filled the streets in Downtown Binghamton as patrons filled the streets in anticipation of what their eyes, ears, and tummies would behold. 

July Fest, a 51 year tradition organized by the Downtown Binghamton Business Association, attracted people from all over the east coast to enjoy 3 days of quality arts and crafts, food, music, antique cars, Parlor City 5K Run, and a Kidz Art Zone with all day fun-filled activities. Side note: When I escaped my tent for a few moments, I often found myself at the Kids Art Zone admiring the face painting and murals being created. :)

This was my first time vending at an outdoor venue, as well the first time really sharing my worth with the good people of Upstate New York. A majority of my exhibits and outings have been in my hometown of Massachusetts.  

It was a pleasure to have my work stand out among other very talented artists and color the eyes, hearts, and minds of many. For some, the focus was on financial gain, but for me, it was more rewarding to see the reaction to my work, to receive criticism, to inspire artists new and old to follow their passion and dreams, to be motivated, to network, and the overall experience. All of these things, is what made me truly happy and no financial gain could ever equal to the amount of happiness I felt this weekend.  

As I sit here typing this blog entry, I'm holding back tears of joy because I am truly happy to have the love and support of so many people. There is healing in art. To try and remember all of the things that were said to me or that I overheard by passerbuyers is a bit of challenge but here are just a few: 

A little girl passes by and see's me painting live. In excitement she says to her mom, "Ooooh look mom. She's like an artist!" 

"Your art has a New Orleans feel to it!" Two young ladies that just moved into the area from Ohio. 

"I've always admired geniuses with such talents. You are one of them." From a man that I unfortunately did not get his name.

"There is power in your work." -Shaun of Binghamton, NY

There wasn't one of my pieces that was not admired by someone. Each speaking to the beholder in different ways. Some of these pieces were Art Attack, A Leo's Roar, Candyland, Melted Rainbow, Shine.

I have to give a special shout out to my husband Kareem who has played a key role in the success of my business, and for continuing to support me throughout this journey. Words could not do justice for how grateful I am.   

I look forward to being a part of the Julyfest 2014 God-willing. Here are some of the photos from the event taken by Julyfest staff. (Click here)

Here are photos taken by my husband. (Click here)