The Art of Hip Hop & Charity

This blog post will be all over the place so bare with me! lol

This morning, I took a stroll down memory lane via Youtube listening to some great 70s, 80s, and 90s music. I had started with one of Hip Hops first female rappers/rap group, Oakland 357 and ended with Roxanne Shante.  

Hip Hop is not only a form of music or a form of art, but it is a way of life and has changed the lives of many, directly and indirectly.  

I began pulling things up online to see if there was any recent news regarding Roxanne Shante. I already knew about the new and great things Oakland 357 is doing through their interview with my family on the Everyday Living with Rick and Veronica. But I wanted to know about the lovely Roxanne Shante! So I searched and came across an article on

When you have a moment, go and check it out! September and the forthcoming months recognizes some form of cancer. As a survivor, Roxanne Shante is using her hip-hop fame to bring awareness through charitable causes.

“As a survivor you feel blessed with everyday and feel like you must make a difference. I am supposed to show how appreciative I am for life. So when it comes to participating in events I am there. I do more charity work now than I have ever done in my life,” says Shante.

Shante’s commitment to using her fame in the hip-hop community to address health issues is helping her make peace with an industry that she believes mishandled her career. “I had dreams and aspirations and then went through bad stuff with record companies, lawyers and mangers. But I can see some good in what hip-hop has allowed me to do to get the message out here. I will never love hip-hop the way I once loved it but we can be good friends.” [Souleouniverse]

Instead of me reposting what the article said, go check it out!


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Oaktown 357


Roxanne Shante

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