A Legacy is Born

For me, inspiration can come from a photo I may see, a song I may have heard, by life's trials and tribulations - which is all from our Creator.

In the summer of 2016 I was inspired by a photo floating across social media, of a father kiss the forehead of his son, and that son kissing the forehead of his son. The image attracted the hearts of millions and inspired many artists, including myself.

After seeing their photo, I created my version of things and posted it online. In July, my painting somehow made it's way back to one of the men in the photo, Anthony (Tony) Blue Sr., of Killeen TX. Tony reached out to me via Facebook requesting to buy my painting. I was excited and humbled at the same time. Tony shared with me that a random person reached out to him on Facebook and shared my painting with him because they were familiar with his photo. Tony and I had a conversation through Facebook via my art page ( shout out to social media lol) , there he shared with me the works of other artists also inspired by his photograph which can be seen below.

Tony shared with me that he wanted to share his image of his father and his son, to simply spread love; a love that was much needed considering the current events of the times which are still occurring today. With the unjust killings of our black men, women, children; this display of love speaks volumes!


I am black. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am enough! Society does not define me. The media does not tell me who I am. I come from overcomers, the true definition of strength and perseverance. Therefore, I will accept nothing less than that for myself.
— Unknown

After receiving his painting, Tony was kind enough to send me this photo which immediately made me cheese from ear to ear lol.

Anthony (Tony) Blue Sr

Here are some pieces by other artists that Tony has thus far received.