It's June! Already? Ahhhhh

It's been some time since my last blog post. I keep saying, "I'll blog more...I will blog more...I don't have time to blog" lol. I give props to the people that do it on a daily basis. It takes time and energy, plus I'm not that interesting. Just kidding!

Well, we are in the beautiful month of June. As the warmer season continues to move in, I continue to stay inside. Oh my gawwwd it's hot out there. Ha Ha! Not. I appreciate the warm weather and it's actually a pet peeve when people spend half of the year complaining it's cold and then when it warms up, they complain about that too. The weather is perfect for outdoors activities.

June is the ideal time for me to bring my business out and about on the streets of NY, PA, CT, MA, etc. Not to mention the festivals and the food! Yummmmm. Although I've been making healthier choices for some time now, I like to indulge from time to time in the festival sweets and treats. 

Art by AmW, Newburgh NY Motorcyclopedia Mueseum


With my husband and I relocating to Rochester, NY earlier this year, I had my mind set on finding the art scene. However, I had to prioritize my task list. A majority of the festivals I had my eye on, I had missed the deadline by just a few days.  Once I got over the frustration, I turned it into a positive and told myself I could at least still attend the events and network. A note to anyone with a business, if you plan on vending especially during the spring/summer, make sure you get your applications and fees in early enough so you don't end up in the same boat as me. 

Nonetheless, this June is a busy month for me as I continue to complete custom orders, create new products, and prepare for business opportunities across the states. I've been away from home over a month but thankfully, I have been able to have my business still function while away. If anyone knows me, I'm not one to talk much so I'd rather show you what I've been up to then talk about it lol. Swing by the new section of the shop called Bargain Shoppers and see what creations I have for under $30. New items are added frequently, so please swing back by. 

Quick sketch. Wild hair and in my thoughts. A creative mind is a terrible thing to waste lol.

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