Music Spotlight: Damon 'D Blue' Allen of Blue Up Ent.

This year I've had the opportunity to meet music producer and record label owner, Damon 'D' Blue Allen, through mutual friends via social networking. His humble yet determined attitude peeked my interest in learning more about his company. It was through the Everyday Living with Rick & Veronica Walters (EDL) radio show, that I became acquainted with D Blue and the many Blue Up Entertainment talents who's music is frequently played on the EDL show.  A loyal husband, father, music producer, marketer and more! This week's featured talent, Mr. D Blue!

What is your name, where are you from, and where are you currently?

My name is Damon Allen but I go by “D-Blue”.  I am a native Athenian and still call Athens, Georgia home.  

How did you come up with your name? “D-Blue” has a very personal meaning to me.  It is a name I earned during a different time and place in my life.  I choose to incorporate the name into my label because it reminds me of where I came from and helps me stay grounded and focused.  Each time something positive happens in my life it helps me to realize just how blessed I truly am.

What is the name of your business? Where did the name come from? 

“Blue Up Entertainment” is the name of my label and it depicts what I hope the future holds for me and all of the artist that I work with.  The goal behind all of the hard work is to explode onto the music scene, in other words to blow-up (“Blue-Up”).

How/why/when did you start it?

I had a close friend, more like a “sister”, who I worked with on different lyrical projects. We always found it difficult to get studio time at a price which we considered reasonable.  So in an effort to cut out the middle man in 2008 we decided to purchase our own equipment. We started out with a group of friends renting space and recording each other. Eventually, I was able to upgrade the equipment and we came together and developed the label. I am CEO and my Co-CEO is none other than one of the featured rap artist on the label known as “Tipsey” (Meka Curry).

What inspires you in the creative process?

There is not a simple answer to this question. Each time I am in the studio with an artist the point of inspiration may be different. One session may be inspired by some life event that happened during the previous week, another session may be fueled by the emotions of the artist, and yet another session may have gained momentum from watching a video clip from Ryan Leslie or Big Gates Records (founded by Ronell Lawrence Levatte, Plies’ brother).

What do you believe makes you stand out from others that may be doing what you’re doing?

The two things that I believe makes “Blue Up Entertainment” shine is that I have chosen to produce a variety of music. I don’t just focus on Rap but instead have a mixture that includes but is not limited to R&B, Gospel, and vocally clean Hip-Hop that was recently featured at a youth camp extravaganza.  Secondly, when we release a song, video, mix-tape, or do a show we flood all available social media. Whether it is by word-of mouth, flyers, email, Facebook, twitter, or YouTube we do it all. This helps to boost our exposure which increases our fan base.

What, if any, are some challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur (if applicable)?

Wow, that answer is simple and I am sure applies to many. The greatest challenge is landing that big break, a record and/or distribution deal. Even though we are well known locally it is hard to infiltrate the bigger social stream. For example we have been featured on internet radio “Everyday Living with Rick and Veronica Blog Talk Radio” has shown us much love, but we are still working at getting multiple artist in regular rotations. Right now we have only one artist in a rotation and that is “Tony B” (Antonio Bradford).

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Have you had moments of success, achievement or fulfillment that have counteracted any challenges you may have faced? If so, what are they?

In addition to the two cases mentioned previously, “Blue Up Entertainment” recently took home 10 of the 20 awards at Athens’ first annual Hip-Hop Awards. It is nights like this that help us to realize that all of the hard work is indeed paying off.

Are there any special projects or events coming up?

I am excited to be working towards completing and releasing our first gospel mix-tape. “Tisa Praise” (Shantisa Collins) is an amazing singer and I think people are going to be blown away by her vocal range.

What is your ultimate goal in regards to your skills? Where would you like to see it go? My ultimate goal is to make “Blue Up Entertainment “ a household name and climbing to a level where we are distributing a sought after product rather than pushing a CD!

Where can people reach you if wanted to know more about you, link up with and do business?

Email Contact:




Thank you D Blue for your time. Everyone, please visit his links and check out the music artists on his label!

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