Mr Williams turns on the light as he steps into The Spotlight

Where do I begin when speaking about this week’s Spotlight featured talent?

Well, it was two years ago when we met via Twitter. I had just launched my website, which at the time, was through I had spent the day tweeting my website link and marketing my art and services. One of those tweets caught the eye of Mr. Williams and we began interacting.

I remember he told me shortly after he checked out my website, that he would be in touch with me about a project. I could tell he was excited just from viewing my paintings. That excitement transferred to me but I did not know what the road ahead would look like. 

He kept to his word. Our first endeavor together was a redesign for his first book entitled, Water Flows Under Doors. I knew nothing about doing book cover designs at the time, but was confident that I could obtain the necessary info to get the task done.

With much persistence I achieved the goals that were set in place and Mr. Williams was very pleased with the end product, as was I. From there, our business relationship and friendship continues to build, as I've had the opportunity to design two other book covers for him (Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls; War Angel).

This weeks Spotlight Feature is the awesome author and friend, Author Keith Kareem William of Brooklyn, New York!  

Tell me a little bit about yourself. What is your name, where are you from, and where are you currently?

My name is Keith Kareem Williams and I’m an author from Brooklyn, New York. I still reside in my hometown because, even after all these years, I’m still in love with my city. 

How did you come up with your artistic name?

I use my middle name on all of my writing because “Keith Williams” by itself is such a common name. When I started writing professionally, I wanted to make sure that everyone who ever knew me would see my name and know that I actually went ahead and followed through with my ambitions to be a professional writer.

What is the name of your business? Where did the name come from? How/why/when did you start it?

My father chose Keith but my grandmother on my mother’s side named me after one of greatest basketball players of all time, the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabar. (I’m nowhere near as tall as he was though)

 What inspires you in the creative process?

Life inspires me. Everywhere I look, I see stories that need to be told. Some of it comes from my imagination as well. I’ve dreamed entire novels and had to feverishly write down details as soon as I opened my eyes before the storylines slipped away.

What do you believe makes you stand out from others that may be doing what you’re doing?

I believe that my ability to seamlessly mix genres in my writing makes me stand out. I try to take my readers places where they never expected to go on my pages and have them totally surprised by how much they loved the ride. I have a unique, very distinct writing style. I think that the only way to write is BRAVELY & apologetically. I put myself in the books & I pay attention to...listen to...& genuinely love the women I base my female characters off of. Some authors suck because they write in a cowardly way...far removed from their stories. They fabricate instead of seeking that connectivity with other human beings through the words on the pages.

What, if any, are some challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur (if applicable)? Have you had moments of success, achievement or fulfillment that have counteracted any challenges you may have faced? If so, what are they?

The most difficult challenge I face is trying to balance my time between being a full-time single dad and a full-time author. Writing and fatherhood eats up the majority of my time but I also have to squeeze in as much marketing and promotion as I can to push sales while fighting to gain new readers. It is often a struggle to make ends meet but I stand  here proudly today, after quitting my job as a manager for one of the largest vending companies in the US two years ago, working on my sixth book. I’m very proud that I survived the struggle and still continue to fight.

Are there any special projects or events coming up?

At the moment, I’m working on a sequel to “War Angel” as well as collaborating with one of my favorite authors and very good friend on an exciting thriller.

What is your ultimate goal in regards to your skills? Where would you like to see it go?

My ultimate goal is to be considered one of the BEST that ever picked up a pen to express himself through ink with entertaining, thought-provoking plots, powerful paragraphs and incredible chapters. I’ve never tried to tailor my writing to suit any particular audience because ultimately, I’d like readers to enjoy my writing universally regardless of the genre, setting etc..

Where can people reach you if wanted to know more about you, link up with and do business?

People can find out more about me by checking out my website, which has links to my books, my author bio, a sign up page for my newsletter, as well as my Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Blogger links.

Thank you for sharing your world with us Keith. It's a privilege and honor to work with you! Prior to reading your books, I must admit that I did not read as much outside of my academic studies. Each one of your writings takes its readers on a journey and I'm not just saying that because I did some awesome covers for him. lol I thoroughly enjoyed them all and look forward to reading more great works from Mr Awesome.  

As of October 1, 2013 Mr. Williams shared with me that he will have some VERY big things forthcoming. I can’t tell you what it is but just know

that this man is one to watch out for! Be sure to not only visit his links, but purchase his work and encourage those avid readers you know to do the same. I guarantee they will not be disappointed.

Check out this book trailer I did for Author Keith Kareem Williams. It was my first one! F