Meet the Talents of L.E. Green

Springfield, Massachusetts native, L.E. Green, born La’Tasha Green, is no stranger when it comes to tapping into her creative side. I caught up with her to discuss her multitude of talents, many of which were unknown to me. I'm excited to share them with you!


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Not only has she been serving in the education field since 2005, but is also an author, graphic designer, runs her own t-shirt company catering to fraternities and sororities, painter, as well as writes screenplays.

Truly she is a woman with many talents not to be overlooked!

ESTETIKA: What is the name of your business? Where did the name come from? (If applicable)
L.E. Green: I have a few things going on. is one of my t-shirt companies I am willing to claim right now. I make custom crossing t-shirts for Fraternities and Sororities. It's a small business but it keeps me going. I enjoy it. The name is pretty straight forward. I figured it would be easy for search engines to find.

I also just completed a book named Flutter, which is currently available on (ebook only) and (in paperback and ebook).
The synopsis of the book is: Lost in the confusion of her secret past and incoherent memories, Abigail sets out on a journey to uncover the true meaning of mysterious markings found on her body and her superhuman strength. Haunted by dreams and hallucinations, this journey takes Abigail and her new found friend Roger through a web of corporate murders, government conspiracies, and the mysterious spiritual world of shaman natives and biblical references. When a big shot CEO, Alan Jiang, is murdered and his partner Robert Benson goes missing, Abigail becomes the number one suspect which leads her and Roger on a path to complete the puzzle that will only open a door to more mysteries and the fine line between coincidence and fate.

I did all the artwork and graphic design for the book. It started as a movie script that I wrote, and then i decided to turn it into a novel. I came up with the name because I wanted to disguise the file as something uninteresting on my computer being that I was sharing it at the time. As I wrote, I made it work and worked it into the story. I started writing the story in 2011 as a script. In 2012 I changed it into a novel by giving myself a goal of 90,000 words, and here we are.

(Check out Flutter here

ESTETIKA: What inspires you in the creative process?
L.E. Green: Being active. I think that being actively involved in many things gives people a chance to be aware and conscious of all that goes on in the world and writing is an opportunity to add life to your work. You experience different foods and places that you can now talk about. You experience colors and flavors, music and textiles that before did not exist. People that know me, will see various aspects of my life experiences and be able to relate to some. There are many references to places I have been and things that I love to do.

ESTETIKA: What do you believe makes you stand out from others that may be doing what you’re doing?
L.E. Green: My ability to stick with things, try new things, and blend things together that seem so simple, but can be profound. Everything I do, I always feel like anyone can do. I don't feel special, I just don't get why people are so complacent with sitting still and not learning new things or trying things that are out of their comfort zones. I wake up early everyday with the idea that I want to have more time to be productive and get tasks done. Some people are just not like that. But I had my mind on it and did it- I finished the book.

ESTETIKA: What, if any, are some challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur (if applicable)?
L.E. Green: Marketing. It's expensive, so I decided that money cannot be the end all be all, but unless you really market, its hard to spread by word of mouth. My t-shirt company does well but only in certain seasons when Greek "things" happen so like in the fall or spring when lines have crossed I get a lot of orders. Between that time, it's slower. My book has done okay for the extent of my marketing to be a Facebook page and word of mouth. is the page. I have also recently added my book to Goodreads. A lot of movement with this book is slow, but it's self-published and it's just me between my full time job and various hobbies.

ESTETIKA: Have you had moments of success, achievement or fulfillment that have counteracted any challenges you may have faced? If so, what are they?
Are there any special projects or events coming up?
L.E. Green: Working on a sequel to my book. It's been very slow, I feel like I have less time than I did last summer, but at least I am doing it. I usually keep my documents on Google Drive so I can write whenever an idea pops up.

ESTETIKA:What is your ultimate goal in regards to your skills? Where would you like to see it go?
L.E. Green: Movies. I would love to see my writing become movies. That is where my real passion is because I am a BIG movie lover.

ESTETIKA: With the responsibility of being a principle, do you find it takes away from putting time into your passion, or are you still able to get that time in?

L.E. Green: It takes away much more time than teaching. My responsibilities are greater. I work longer hours and have to do a lot of paperwork from home since doing it during the day is limited. Also, we have to work a few weekends as well, and so with that, it gets hard. So, progress is made but its very slow.

ESTETIKA: In regards to your art, how long have you been painting? I don't recall knowing this or I must have forgotten. I love your work! Do you focus more on your t-shirts and writings more so than painting?

L.E. Green: If we look back on the years... for a VERY long time, but I haven't painted in a few years, but over the winter break I had an urge to paint and so I did. I kind of just mix it all up and do a little of each at a time. Most of my thoughts go into my writing. I just dont write fast enough. I have a lot of ideas of things I want to talk/write about but don't want to move on until I complete these other projects. The t-shirts are just an extension of the graphic design I do. I decided to use a network I am a part of to make a little money.

ESTETIKA: How long have you been writing? Do you think you will start with screenplays first and then move forward to movies? Or are you going straight for the big screen?

L.E. Green: I've been writing for a while. I hadn't really taken it seriously until about 2008 or so when I completed my first screenplay. I love movies, so I started writing screenplays, but i felt like my writing would get more attention as a novel. Screenplays are scripts for movies and plays, but I am not really a play person.

ESTETIKA: Where can people reach you if wanted to know more about you, link up with and do business?
L.E. Green: I have a blog:



Thank you L.E. Green for taking the time to share your passions with us all. Truly you are an amazing woman and very talented. To all my readers, I strongly encourage you to visit her links and support her work. Clearly it speaks for itself!