Meet Poetically J Star

In the suburbs of Washington, DC southeast of the downtown district lies the Temple Hills, Maryland and the current home of poetess Jennifer Wilmer, better known as JStar; a nickname given to her by a dear friend that has remained with her for decades.


As a single mother of two beautiful daughters, she takes every opportunity with them to guide them into adulthood the best way that she can.

As she strives to demonstrate to her children unconditional love that this world doesn't always provide, she aspires to expand her professional writing career to depths never before dreamed of. 

JStar has been writing ever since she can remember; first by keeping a daily journal and eventually branching into writing songs and short stories in her teenage years. It was not until early into her adulthood, out of admiration of her mother’s poetry and how beautifully her words formed, that she began writing poetry of her own. 

Following in the footsteps of her mother, JStar stimulates the minds, hearts, and souls of many through her poetry which is not only heartfelt love poetry, but also shares her pain and other issues that have touched her life.

Allowing her to express inner feelings that she would normally keep to herself, JStar finds a sense of peace in her writings, as it is a platform for her to be honest, blunt, and raw with her words and inner most feelings.

Expression through words is not an option for her; it's something that flows naturally through her veins.

Like words contained on the edge of her tongue that just have to be spoken. Her purpose for writing is to share her personal stories, in hopes of providing comfort for many people in times of need.

Performing at a variety of open mic venues in her area, JStar has blessed the mic with her words at such places as Soul Sessions and Poetry in Motion presented by Orchestrated Noise.  She has also spotlighted at Bus Boys and Poets as well as other poetry events in the District of Columbia and Maryland area. She has appeared as a feature at Words from the Soul hosted by TwistnWordz.  She has been honored to be interviewed by WOW Radio and as a featured poet on WRTR Real Talk Radio on Honey B’s Open Mic. 

JStar is currently working on her first novel which she is hoping to publish soon. In addition to her first novel, JStar will be working in the studio with Asmbly SoundLab on her upcoming poetry CD. Be on the lookout for that!

JStar we thank you for sharing your talent with the world! Your poetry takes us on a journey that is not to be forgotten.

I encourage you all to make sure to follow her by searching PoeticallyJStar on her Facebook Community Page, her personal Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube as well as her blog also titled Poetically JStar at