Getting Back to Me: The Natural Beauty

Getting Back to Me: The Natural Beauty

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Getting Back to Me: The Natural Beauty has struck the heart and minds of many. This piece is very near and dear to me as it was painted during the time that I was rediscovering myselfas an artist, and appreciating the natural beauty God had given me internally and externally. 

Only a few have been able to notice the hair hidden in the strokes of the woman's dress. This represents the dead layer that she is pulling back, as she finds herself, She is peeling away the layers of what society thinks we should look like. She is stepping into her natural beauty. Walking with confidence, style, grace and with understanding.

Make her a part of your home or office space today or makes a great gift! (Click photo to see full view) 

Poster sizes available: 11x17, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36.  

Canvas sizes available: 16x20.

Please note: Frame are for display only and are not included in your order.

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